Worcester gas boilers in Bournemouth, First choice plumbing
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Worcester gas boilers in Bournemouth

Has your boiler begun to show signs of old age? Is the boiler in your home taking ages to heat up the water or does it keep breaking down and won’t heat water at all? Then it sounds like you would benefit from the installation of a brand new boiler. Hire First Choice Plumbing to be your boiler provider team and we will install the best Worcester gas boilers in Bournemouth homes.

Bournemouth based Worcester gas boilers

Having a functioning boiler plays a very important part of our homes and workplaces in making sure that we are comfortable and at a steady temperature. Essential during the winter months to keep you warm, a gas boiler means that you can have hot water for showers and baths, and hot radiators to warm the interior of your property.

Worcester gas boilers

At First Choice Plumbing, we believe that in Bournemouth Worcester gas boilers are the best boilers available. The Worcester gas boilers that we stock at First Choice Plumbing are the finest that are available on the market. Worcester gas boilers are highly revered among boiler providers, as they are reliable and heat up cold water quickly. At First Choice Plumbing, we provide all of our Worcester gas boilers in Bournemouth customers with an 8 year warranty.

There are three different types of boiler available with our selection of Worcester gas boilers. The most popular choice among Bournemouth homeowners is our system boiler. Some of the reasons why these gas boilers are so regularly installed in homes by our team include:

Worcester gas boilers in Bournemouth

  • Perfect for homes with more than one bathroom
  • There is a constant supply of hot water to every tap in the home, at the same time
  • Economical to operate
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Low energy costs
  • There is no need for a loft tank meaning there is no possibility of leaks or frost damage
  • Easy to install due to built-in components
  • Additional solar water heating system available for installation

After we have installed your new Worcester gas boiler in Bournemouth, we will arrange for a regular maintenance service to take place yearly. We will ensure that your Bournemouth Worcester gas boilers are always working to their maximum capacity so that they won’t break down or require costly repairs.

More information about First Choice Plumbing

At First Choice Plumbing, we are the number one supplier of Worcester gas boilers in Bournemouth and the neighbouring areas. Our boiler servicing starts from as little as £78, which is inclusive of VAT.  You won’t find a more cost-effective boiler servicing delivery that is as thorough as ours is at First Choice Plumbing.

Our desire to deliver an outstanding level of service is proved through our check-a-trade page. We have a brilliant rating of 9.74, which we have obtained from the ratings of our previous customers. They have rated our delivery of services, as well as our workmanship, courtesy, tidiness, and reliability. The exceptional standard that we have shown time and time again has led to over 170 satisfied customers. View our check-a-trade page, and you can read the reviews that our satisfied clients have left us regarding their Worcester gas boilers in Bournemouth.

You know you can trust our First Choice Plumbing Company as we are accredited by the Worcester Bosch Group. We work hand-in-hand with them to make sure we deliver the best Worcester gas boilers in Bournemouth time and time again.

Our video tutorial page

At First Choice Plumbing, we love our customers. So much in fact, that we have created a handy, helpful videos page that has lots of tutorials about Worchester gas boilers in Bournemouth. Get the most out of your boiler, and view our boiler maintenance instructional video page.

Contact First Choice Plumbing today

Make sure that the property you own maintains a comfortable level of warmth during the upcoming winter months by hiring First Choice Plumbing to install all of your Worcester gas boilers in Bournemouth. Speak to a member of our team today on 01425 460267 and we will arrange an on-site visit to your building in order to provide advice about all of your Worcester gas boiler options.