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At First Choice modern sewage treatment plants are rapidly replacing septic tanks as a much more environmentally responsible and long-term solution. That’s because sewage treatment plants actively harness natural processes, such as aerobic bacterial digestion, to help break down and neutralise sewage.

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Understanding Sewage Treatment Plants

A – Wastewater and sewage from the property is fed through to the treatment plant.

B – The treatment plant allows the solids to settle out and actively treats the sewage via an aerobic (oxygen-dependent) process, breaking it down.

C – The resulting effluent, which is typically 95% clean, can be discharged into a nearby ditch, stream, river, lake or land drain system, subject to appropriate approvals.

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Key elements of a sewage treatment plant

The compact, below-ground sewage treatment plant depicted in this cutaway illustration is a watertight enclosure designed to allow solids in the sewage to settle and decompose via an aerobic (oxygen-assisted) biological action.

  • Coarse solids are screened out and retained for gradual breakdown
  • The screened ‘liquor’ is continuously distributed over plastic media by an airlift pump operated by an electric blower sited a little distance away. This maximises the natural aerobic process
  • Subject to relevant official consents, the resulting effluent, which is remarkably clean, can be dispersed into a watercourse or suitable ground soak away

Sewage treatment plants are typically of GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) construction. We use fully certified systems from Titan and Klargester — the UK’s leading suppliers of wastewater treatment systems

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