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First Choice has extensive experience in specifying, installing and commissioning septic tanks.

Our experience really does make a difference, giving you a fit-and-forget solution that will provide years of dependable service.

Stringent regulations govern the installation of septic tanks, and there are several reasons why a septic tank may not be appropriate for your property.

You can count on us for the best possible guidance.

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Understanding Septic Tanks

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A – Waste water and sewage from the property is fed through to the septic tank.

B – The septic tank allows the solids to settle out at the bottom. The tank must be emptied out periodically, typically once a year.

C – The absorption field (or ‘soakaway’) is a critical component, as it allows the untreated liquid element of the sewage to soak away underground where it is dispersed naturally.

A septic tank is a watertight enclosure designed to allow solids in the sewage to settle and decompose via bacterial action over a period of time. Simultaneously, it allows the liquid effluent to separate out and disperse into the soil via a land drain system.

A septic tank collects and stores sewage solids. As the tank fills up, it will need emptying. This is typically done once a year by a local contractor.

Tanks come in different shapes and sizes, and are chosen to match the demands placed by the users of the property.

Septic tanks are typically of GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) construction. We use fully certified tanks from Titan and Klargester.