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Central Heating Services in Christchurch

Are you experiencing problems with your central heating? Choose First Choice Plumbing today for the best central heating services in Christchurch. Our company has established a fantastic reputation in the local area for the quality of our services. We are the leading suppliers and repairers of central heating systems.

Central Heating Services in ChristchurchChristchurch central heating systems

At First Choice Plumbing, we supply and design Christchurch central heating systems for properties of all sizes. All of our conventional systems have two water tanks in the loft with a small feed + expansion tank with a large cold water storage tank. Water is drawn from the mains to refill the cold water storage tank which is filtered through to the cylinder. The cylinder is heated up by the central heating boiler and heats the water up which allows for hot water throughout your property.

The feed and expansion tank helps maintain water levels in your central heating systems. This ensures that water can expand in the pipework and radiators when it gets hot. The greatest benefit of our central heating services in Christchurch is that hot water can be drawn from taps, baths and showers simultaneously. Should the system run out of hot water during this time, it will take up to 30 minutes to recover water.

Our central heating systems will have the following controls:

  • Cylinder thermostat
  • Motorised valves
  • Programmer for hot water/heating
  • Pump
  • Thermostat for the room
  • Thermostatic radiator valves (on selected radiators)
  • Wiring centre

We also supply a wide selection of radiators including towel rails and column radiators as part of our Christchurch central heating services.

Why choose First Choice Plumbing

Our company provides the best range of central heating services Christchurch has to offer. We provide and repair central heating systems for both domestic and commercial properties. Our systems will ensure that waiting for hot showers will be a thing of the past.

With many years of experience in the industry, we have both the experience and expertise to complete many jobs to a high standard. Our central heating services are unrivalled in Christchurch and we will ensure that you receive the best. If you experience any problems, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

First Choice Plumbing has been accredited by the following organisations within the trade:


Visit our gallery to see previous examples of our central heating services.

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