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Dorset Plumbing And Heating

Dorset Plumbing And Heating

Dorset Plumbing

Do you have a plumbing problem? Do you need a quick and reliable Dorset plumbing service? First Choice Plumbing is the company to call today. We have provided a superb service to many happy customers in Dorset and have years of experience in working in the Dorset area. First Choice Plumbing is a fully accredited company and we provide qualified expert staff on all jobs. So whether it is for a quick repair or more extensive work, call First Choice today.

Our plumbing services in Dorset

First Choice Plumbing offers our Dorset customers a diverse range of plumbing services in Dorset to ensure that our expert team will meet all of your needs. We provide a diverse range of services:

Drain unblocking and drain jetting

Are the drains in your Dorset property unblocked? First Choice will unblock those pesky blocked up drains with our complete drain unblocking services. For standard blockages, our team will use drainage rods which will clear a variety of blockages. If the blockage is more serious, our team will unblock the drain with our diverse drain jetting services.

General plumbing

For all of those general plumbing jobs, our team can sort out these jobs to a high standard. This can be from installation of taps to many more. We also carry out the general plumbing jobs in bathroom and kitchen installations. We also supply roof tanks.


First Choice Plumbing provides a complete guttering service. All guttering will be completed to the highest standards and will provide your property with a complete drainage service.

Electric showers

An electric shower is a great investment that will revitalise the whole showering experience. First Choice Plumbing can install electric showers in all properties in Dorset.

New sinks, tap repair & changes

Do you need a new sink, tap repair and changes in your Dorset home? First Choice Plumbing can provide and install a range of sinks and taps to suit your property.

Waste/Drainage problems

If there are waste or drainage problems in your Dorset home, our team will rectify any problems and ensure your drainage/waste systems are back to working order.

Why choose us?

First Choice Plumbing has years of experience in providing the best Dorset plumbing service to many satisfied property owners. By choosing our company, you can be assured that we will deliver a service of the highest quality.

Our company is fully accredited by all of the relevant organisations like:

So you can be assured our services are of the highest quality.

For more information on our Dorset plumbing services, contact us through here or call us on 01202 366455 or 01425 460267.


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