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worcester boiler installer New Milton

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worcester boiler installer New Milton

Worcester boiler installer New Milton

First choice plumbing and heating are proud to be a  registered Worcester boiler installer in New Milton. Worcester Bosch are arguably the highest quality boiler manufacturers in the UK. They have always aim to produce efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly boilers. Our customers in New Milton who have purchased a Worcester Bosch boiler have always been 100% satisfied with the product they have received.

Our Worcester Bosch Profile page

What to expect from an accredited Worcester boiler installer.

It is a great honer to be a Worcester Bosch boiler installer and represents our efforts to maintain a high standard of service at good prices.

From Worcester Bosch:

“We want to provide homeowners with peace of mind when they are upgrading their home heating system. We invite heating engineers who we deem as reputable, quality-conscious and representing value for money to join our Worcester Accredited Installer scheme.”


Types of Worcester Boilers First choice install in New Milton

Gas-fired boilers

Worcester Bosch have created their Greenstar range of Gas fired boilers. These boilers received the Which magazine best buy accreditation for gas boilers. They are at least 90% efficient, this is very high against the industry standard. Worcester Bosch also provide their own 5 year guarantee on their boilers. We have installed these boilers in many New Milton homes and have not yet had to provide a replacement.

oil-fired boilers

Much like the gas fired boilers Worcester Bosch oil fired boilers follow their Greenstar range. Once again the boilers have a minimum of 90% efficiency and come with a 5 year guarantee.

LPG boilers

Worcester LPG boilers have received the Which magazine best buy accreditation. They have a minimum of 91% efficiency and are an incredibly cost effective heating solution. These are less well known and popular than gas and oil fired boilers, however our customers who have had these boilers installed in their New Milton homes have told us they have seen the financial benefit.

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